Season 1, Episode 7
Air date May 8, 2011
Written by Linda Burstyn
Directed by Ed Bianchi
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"What You Have Left"

"Vengeance" is the seventh episode of Season 1 of The Killing.


The Larsen case continues to revolve around Bennet Ahmed. Meanwhile, Richmond faces more repercussions due to his refusal to openly distance himself from Ahmed.


Stan Larsen (Brent Sexton) drives Bennet Ahmed (Brandon Jay McLaren) to a deserted dock and orders him out of the truck. Stan describes the way a daughter and father bond. Ahmed assures him that he did not hurt Rosie. Larsen drives away in his truck, leaving Ahmed behind. Back at the Larsen garage, Ahmed's cell phone rings, but Belko Royce (Brendan Sexton III) silences it, while Det. Holder (Joel Kinnaman) questions Mitch Larsen (Michelle Forbes) about her husband, alluding to Stan's mob past. He then tries to intimidate Royce if he doesn't reveal Stan’s location, but Royce remains stoic.

At the Ahmed's apartment, Bennet's pregnant wife Amber (Ashley Johnson) tells Det. Linden (Mireille Enos) that she was upset about young girls being around her husband so she drove to the dance on Friday night. She also says that Rosie had returned a copy of the Quran, that same night, and Bennet let the girl into the apartment. Det. Linden retorts that video from the dance proves that he is lying. After being asked who else has access to the apartment, Amber Ahmed says that a her husband studies the Quran with a man named Muhammed, and that Muhammed has access to the apartment. As she tries to explain her uncertainty about Muhammed, her husband returns home, demanding that Linden leave. Outside, Linden looks inside the same Quran to find the name of a mosque is stamped inside. She calls Holder to tell him they need to check out the mosque.

The next morning, in the campaign office, Councilman Darren Richmond (Billy Campbell) argues with Jamie Wright (Eric Ladin) about the campaign’s continued attachment to Bennet. Left alone, Gwen Eaton (Kristin Lehman) spies an empty envelope on Darren Richmond’s desk from a women’s correctional facility. Richmond later arrives at the house of Maryanne Thompson (Merrilyn Gann), the mother of his dead wife, Lily, to discuss the parole hearing for the drunk driver who killed her. Maryanne suggests that Richmond is unable to forgive himself for Lily's death.

Mitch confronts Belko Royce for not telling her about Bennet. Belko replies that his contact said Bennet took Rosie to a room in the high school's basement.

Richmond learns that Mayor Adams (Tom Butler) has called an emergency city council session to freeze funding for the Seattle All-Stars program. Wright tells Richmond that, in order to save the program, he has to demand Bennet's resignation. At the session, which Mayor Adams attends, Richmond urges the council not to punish the program. He still loses the vote.

Linden and Holder drive to the mosque and ask its religious leader, Imam Gelabi (Peter Bryant), about Muhammed. While the three talk, a woman slips a note with an address into Linden's shoe. Linden and Holder go to the address, an abandoned meat market. She finds a door in the rear, and he kicks it open, while she reminds him they do not have a warrant and are illegally breaking in. Inside, Holder breaks into a locked meat vault that Linden has spotted. With flashlights, they enter the dark room, and, moments later, an FBI SWAT team storm in behind them. Linden and Holder are shoved down to the floor and ordered not to move.


  • When Rosie returned a book to Bennet's house, it was received by Muhammed. It was a copy of the Koran.
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