Season 1 of The Killing premiered on April 3, 2011 on AMC and concluded June 19, 2011. The TV Series is based on the Danish series Forbrydelsen (The Crime). The first season begins with the murder of Rosie Larson and spans the first two weeks of the investigation.



Image Title Season # Writer(s) Director Original airdate
15244d9a780944093 "Pilot" 1 Veena Sud Patty Jenkins April 3, 2011
In Seattle Washington, Detective Sarah Linden puts her move to Sonoma on hold to investigate one last case - the murder of teenager Rosie Larsen. Teaming up with newly promoted Detective Stephen Holder, Linden any sign of Rosie. Meanwhile, the Larsen family begins to panic over Rosie's disappearance and city councilman Darren Richmond's mayoral campaign looks in trouble when Rosie's body is discovered in one of the campaign's cars.
15244d9a780944093 "The Cage" 2 Veena Sud Ed Bianchi April 3, 2011
Linden and Holder question Rosie's parents and discover from Rosie's friend some disturbing evidence at the high-school.
15244d9a780944093 "El Diablo" 3 Dawn Prestwich & Nicole Yorkin Gwyneth Horder-Payton April 10, 2011
Linden and Holder discover a peephole to the cage, which leads to a suspect in the case. Meanwhile, Darren Richmond discovers a leak within his campaign.
15244d9a780944093 "A Soundless Echo" 4 Soo Hugh Jennifer Getzinger April 17, 2011
Linden and Holder begin to suspect Rosie's English teacher, Bennet Ahmed, while the Larsens struggle with Rosie's death as they plan their daughter's funeral.
15244d9a780944093 "Super 8" 5 Jeremy Doner Phil Abraham April 24, 2011
Stanley Larsen turns to Belko and old associates to learn about police suspects. Richmond agrees to run a smear campaign against the mayor. Meanwhile, Holder and Linden continue to investigate Ahmed and a piece of Super 8 film showing Rosie on a bicycle with an unknown companion.
15244d9a780944093 "What You Have Left" 6 Nic Pizzolatto Agnieszka Holland May 1, 2011
Linden and Holder discover Rosie visited Ahmed's house the night of her murder. Richmond's campaign suffers further due to its connection to Ahmed as a murder suspect, while Stan considers taking justice into his own hands.
15244d9a780944093 "Vengeance" 7 Linda Burstyn Ed Bianchi May 8, 2011
The Larsen case continues to revolve around Bennet Ahmed. Meanwhile, Richmond faces more repercussions due to his refusal to openly distance himself from Ahmed.
15244d9a780944093 "Stonewalled" 8 Aaron Zelman Dan Attias May 15, 2011
Linden clashes with the FBI as their two cases intertwine. Linden and Holders relationship is strained when photos of Rosie's murder are leaked to the press.
15244d9a780944093 "Undertow" 9 Dan Nowak Agnieszka Holland May 22, 2011
Unable to pursue Ahmed further without a warrant, the detectives look into a mosque affiliated with Ahmed. Meanwhile, the Larsens pursue vigilante justice.
15244d9a780944093 "I'll Let You Know When I Get There" 10 Nicole Yorkin & Dawn Prestwich Ed Bianchi May 29, 2011
Starting their investigation from scratch, Linden and Holder look into a new suspect. Meanwhile, the Richmond's staff learn of another connection between Richmond and Rosie Larsen.
15244d9a780944093 "Missing" 11 Veena Sud Nicole Kassell June 5, 2011
The detectives take a break from the case to search for Linden's missing son Jack.
15244d9a780944093 "Beau Soleil" 12 Jeremy Doner & Soo Hugh Keith Gordon June 12, 2011
The Larsen family continues to struggle with Stan in jail. Meanwhile, the detectives trace a lead from Casino camera footage to a prostitution ring and a mysterious suspect.
15244d9a780944093 "Orpheus Descending" 13 Veena Sud & Nic Pizzolatto Brad Anderson June 19, 2011
Linden and Holder once again investigate Rosie Larsen's connection to Darren Richmond and Belko Royce, a Larsen family friend, seeks revenge.
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