Rosie Larsen
Rosie Larsen
Murder Victim
Mitch Larsen (Mother), Stanley Larsen (Father, non-biological), David Ranier (Father, biological), Tommy Larsen (Brother), Denny Larsen (Brother), Terry Marek (Aunt)
Marital Status


Rosie Larsen is a 17 year old girl living in Seattle. She was well-liked by all of her classmates and her best friend was Sterling Fitch. Rosie goes missing in the Pilot and she is later revealed to be dead.

Early lifeEdit

Rosie Larsen is the daughter of Mitch Larsen and David Ranier. She was raised by Stan and Mitch Larsen, believing that both were her biological parents until some time before her death. She was a good student, who wanted to see everything before and planned to run away the night she was murdered.

Season 1Edit


  • Rosie Larsen is discovered to be missing.

The CageEdit

  • Rosie Larsen's body is discovered in a car belonging to Darren Richmond's campaign. It was driven into a lake.

Autopsy ReportEdit

  • Rosie was alive when the car went into the water, and clawed off her fingernails trying to escape.
  • It took approximately 10 minutes for the trunk to fill with water.
  • Coroner could not pinpoint the time of her death.

Rosie's DeathEdit

Rosie was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Jamie and Michael Aames were discussing a deal with the chief of the Indian land where the casino is located, Rosie overheard the conversation and was beaten by Jamie who then thought she was dead and hid her in the trunk of his car. Terry Marek, who was having an affair with Michael at the time, after overhearing him say that he won't leave his wife for her, pushed the car into the river with Rosie inside. She didn't know it was Rosie at the time and begs for forgiveness from Mitch at the end of season 2.