Season 2, Episode 1
Air date April 1, 2012
Written by Veena Sud
Directed by Agnieszka Holland
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"My Lucky Day"

"Reflections" is first episode of Season 2 of The Killing.


AMC details the episode as follows:

At the airport, homicide detective Sarah Linden apologizes to her son Jack for canceling their move to California. Jack points out a TV news report on mayoral candidate Darren Richmond's shooting.

Outside of the city jail, Richmond is loaded into an ambulance. His campaign manager Jamie Wright attempts to climb in, but is pushed out by an EMT.

Linden goes to the home of her boss, Lt. Michael Oakes, and tells him that the tollbooth photo was faked. She learns that her partner Stephen Holder was assigned to Homicide by Gil Sloane in the county sheriff's department—the same department that handles bridges and tunnels, Sarah points out.

In the passenger seat of a car driven by Gil, Holder comments, "You got that Richmond photo real quick." Gil commends Holder and says he has a long career ahead of him. Holder gets a phone call informing him that Richmond has been shot.

At Belko Royce's house, Holder sees Belko's mother's dead body in the bathtub. A cop mentions that Belko shot her before shooting Richmond.

Holder visits Stan Larsen, the father of murder victim Rosie Larsen, to tell him that Belko, who is Stan's employee, is at police headquarters. He also tells Stan that Rosie met Richmond through the Beau Soleil escort service. Stan responds, "You've got that wrong."

At the hospital, a surgeon shares few details with Jamie and Richmond campaign advisor Gwen Eaton about Richmond's condition.

At the county records office, a desk cop confirms to Linden that the cameras on Desolation Bridge have been out of service for months. Linden notices a manager talking on the phone before coming out to tell her that the cameras are operational. Linden accuses him of lying. When the manager calls her by name, Linden points out that she never said who she was.

At Oakes' house, Linden wakes Jack up and hustles him into her car. She sees Oakes watching her from a window.

The next day, Jamie tells the press that Richmond is undergoing surgery. Alone with Gwen, he wonders how the police could have pinned Richmond for the murder if he was with Gwen all night.

Incumbent Seattle Mayor Lesley Adams discusses Richmond being shot with his campaign director, Benjamin Abani, saying, "I didn't want to win this way."

Linden drops Jack off to stay with a schoolmate and tells Jack he'll be safe there. "Safe from what?" Jack asks. Linden doesn't answer.

In an interrogation room, Holder questions a distraught Belko and assures him that he understands Belko was trying to make things right. Belko calms down and asks for Stan.

At the Larsen house, Terry Marek, Stan's sister-in-law, tells him that his son Denny has been asking about his mother, Mitch. Terry tries to take Denny and his brother Tommy out for food, but they're stopped by a mob of reporters outside.

In the hospital cafeteria, Jamie asks Gwen where she was when Richmond was arrested. Gwen replies that she wasn't feeling well.

At the county sheriff's office, Linden asks for Gil and learns that he retired two months ago. She spots Gil's photo on a wall and recognizes him as Holder's Narcotics Anonymous sponsor.

At a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, Linden gets Gil's phone number from a sponsor phone list, then calls a colleague to trace it and get Gil's address.

Holder calls Linden, but she doesn't answer. Her phone rings again, and this time it's Jack, who says he's with Holder. Alarmed, Sarah goes to Holder's office to retrieve Jack. When Holder asks her why she's still in Seattle, she doesn't answer.

A police tech gives Holder a stack of enlargements from Rosie's Super 8 film. A tattooed arm is reflected in Rosie's bike mirror.

In his garage, Stan overhears Terry leaving a voicemail for Mitch and learns that Terry's landlord is kicking her out. Stan invites Terry to stay at the house.

At the hospital, Gwen admits to Jamie that on the night Rosie died she was not with Richmond, that Richmond was soaking wet when he returned home that night, and that she relayed both details to the police.

Gil stops by Holder's office and drops off Holder's new Homicide badge.

In the interrogation room, Stan meets with Belko. "I did it, Stan," Belko says.

At his house, Gil gets a call from a reporter congratulating him on being the source of the evidence that led to Richmond's arrest. Panicked, Gil hangs up and immediately erases his hard drive, which contains the toll booth photo.

Outside, Linden is staking out Gil's house, and the reporter calls her to confirm that she called Gil. Gil gets into his car, and Linden tails him.

A surgeon tells Gwen and Jamie that Richmond survived his surgery but is paralyzed from the waist down.

At police headquarters, Holder hears a gunshot. In the hallway, he finds Belko has taken a cop hostage. Then Belko puts a gun into his mouth and kills himself.

Linden follows Gil to the closed-down construction site for the Mayor's waterfront development projecxt. Another car drives up, and Benjamin Abani steps out. Gil demands to know how a reporter got his contact information.

Nearby, an unidentified photographer snaps photos of Linden in her car.

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