Season 2, Episode 3
Air date April 8, 2012
Written by Eliza Clark
Directed by Brad Anderson
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"My Lucky Day"
"Ogi Jun"

"Numb" is the third episode of Season 2 of The Killing.


AMC details the plot as follows:

Driving down a highway, Mitch notices a hitchhiker who resembles Rosie but doesn't pick her up. She checks into a motel room, then takes a decorated shoebox out of her suitcase.

At police headquarters, Linden tries to obtain a search warrant for the Wapi Eagle Casino. A tech tells her that the tattoo spotted in Rosie's Super 8 film is the Japanese comic book character Ogi Jun. Linden asks the tech if he obtained the client list from Beau Soleil's servers. He tells her, Lt. Carlson held up the search warrant.

Linden confronts Lt. Carlson about the warrant. He tells her that she needs to ask him before requesting one.

Outside of a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, Holder reconnects with Claire, a fellow NA member.

In the Larsen garage, Stan asks Terry to bring the kids to school. Linden stops by to ask Stan if he recognizes a picture of the tattoo. After demanding the return of Rosie's backpack, Stan realizes Linden isn't even aware of its existence. He orders her to leave.

Linden calls headquarters about the backpack and discovers someone took it.

At the hospital, Richmond tells his doctor how he felt the sun warming his legs. The doctor calls it phantom pain.

Holder pulls up next to his nephew Davie and offers a ride, but Davie declines, saying his mom won't permit it.

As Terry drops the boys off at school, she notices a man leaning against a car.

Linden finds Lt. Oakes on his boat then asks for Rosie's backpack. Reluctantly, he hands her an evidence bag. "Half this job is about doing what you're told," he says. "I need my pension."

Back at her car, Linden opens the evidence bag to find Holder's blue backpack inside.

At the hospital, Jamie and Richmond watch as Mayor Adams tells TV reporters that Richmond's involvement in the Larsen murder remains suspicious.

In a bar, Mitch notices a man looking her way. She ignores a phone call from Terry.

At the Larsen house, Terry wonders how Mitch could leave the boys. Stan defends Mitch.

At police headquarters, Linden re-watches Rosie's Super 8 film and leaves a voicemail for Holder, saying she understands his recent actions. A colleague informs her that the Beau Soleil building was destroyed in a fire.

At the scene of the fire, an inspector tells Linden there was no trace of computers inside the building. Noticing security cameras on the street, Linden asks for footage, saying she'll get warrants later.

When Stan picks up the kids at school, Denny has a Polish pastry and says the "big guy, your friend" gave it to him.

Stan visits Janek and asks him to stay away from the boys and to investigate Beau Soleil.

Holder visits his former drug dealer, Logic. After they fight, Holder takes a bag of meth and leaves.

At the hospital, a neurologist pokes Richmond's leg. Richmond feels nothing then insists on attending a fundraiser that Friday. Jamie promises to tell the organization that Richmond's coming.

At the Richmond campaign office, Gwen tells her father, Senator Eaton, that she wants to work for Senator Farrelly in D.C. Her father immediately makes a call on her behalf.

In her motel room, Mitch kisses the man from the bar and asks him to stay.

Holder sits in his car outside an NA meeting, staring at the bag of meth. Claire walks out of the meeting.

Driving home with Jack, Linden calls to check on the security camera footage, insisting that Lt. Carlson doesn't need to know about the warrant. Jack picks up the Super 8 still, recognizes Ogi Jun, and explains that Ogi Jun is a warrior avenging his murdered father.

Richmond flirts with a nurse as she changes his catheter.

Holder and Claire have sex in his car. She asks if he has any drugs.

At her motel, Linden flips through Jack's Ogi Jun comic and sees an image of Ogi Jun laying his hand on a gravestone.

Janek visits Stan and says that Beau Soleil only uses Russian girls and that there's no record of Rosie. Janek also gives Stan a copy of Rosie's file from the morgue. "Rosie was alive in that car when it went into the water," he says.

At her motel, Linden watches footage from one of the security cameras. It shows a Larsen van driving by, and a close up reveals the driver's arm bears the Ogi Jun tattoo. Linden is interrupted by a call from Claire on Holder's phone, telling her that Holder is "acting crazy."

Linden finds Holder pacing frantically in a traffic median on a bridge. After telling him she knows he switched the backpacks, she convinces him to come with her.

In his hospital bed, Richmond pokes a campaign pin into his thigh and feels nothing.

Through her motel window, Mitch sees a teenage girl who resembles Rosie smoking by the pool.

In a dark room, a man deletes Beau Soleil files off a computer, then walks out of the room and into Janek's restaurant.

In the Larsen garage, a man backs a van out. The Ogi Jun tattoo is visible on his arm.

Linden retrieves Rosie's backpack from the trunk of Holder's car. Episodes Season 2

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