"My Lucky Day"
Season 2, Episode 2
Air date April 1, 2012
Written by Dawn Prestwich
Nicole Yorkin
Directed by Dan Attias
Episode Guide

"My Lucky Day" is the second episode of Season 2 of The Killing.


AMC details the episode as follows:

Stan Larsen wakes in the middle of the night to find his son Denny in Rosie's room. Denny thinks he heard someone outside. Stan investigates and stumbles on a pink backpack with the initials "RL" outside the front door.

The next day, detective Sarah Linden stops by the apartment of Richmond's campaign manager Gwen to see if they can talk.

At the Larsen house, Holder seals the backpack's contents including a pink hat and a Super 8 camera in evidence bags.

Linden interrogates Gwen again about Richmond's whereabouts on the night of Rosie's murder. "If he wasn't with you that night, then where was he?' she asks.

Stan confirms to Holder that the backpack is Rosie's. "He's still out there, isn't he? You got the wrong guy," Stan says. He demands protection for his family and asks about Belko. Holder responds with silence.

After some prodding from Linden, Gwen remembers that Richmond smelled "briny" on the night of Rosieís murder — the same way he smells after kayaking. Sarah asks Gwen for a key to Richmond's apartment.

On the phone, Lt. Oakes orders Holder to bring Rosie's backpack to the station immediately and give it to Stu. Holder says Linden typically gave evidence to Gary, but Oakes snaps that it's no longer Sarah's case.

At the hospital, the doctor recommends that someone close be present when he informs Richmond about the paralysis. Jamie leaves a message with Richmond's sister, insisting she fly out for moral support.

Holder passes on some evidence to Stu in the forensic lab. Meanwhile, at Richmond's apartment, Linden finds a photo of Richmond hugging his late wife Lily. According to an inscription, the photo was taken in Tacoma on Oct. 5 — the same date as Rosie's murder.

In the Larsen garage, Stan informs Terry that Belko has killed himself. "The cops donít know what they're doing," he says.

At the hospital, Richmond notices something wrong with his leg. Jamie looks for the doctor, but the doctor is in surgery. Instead of breaking the bad news to Richmond himself, Jamie leaves.

Linden talks to the owner of the Tacoma Inn where Richmond and Gwen stayed the night of Rosie's murder. The innkeeper gives Linden directions to the riverside spot in Richmond's photo, then adds, "They came here a lot. Boy he was head over heels for her." To Linden's surprise, the innkeeper is referring to Lily, not Gwen.

After canvassing the area, Linden meets a fisherman who spends a lot of time on the river. "I bet you've seen a lot," she says.

Stan calls the police to demand protection. Denny asks if they can get a dog for security.

At the station, Oakes tells Holder that the forensic results turned up nothing. Holder expresses disbelief and Oakes tells Holder to drop the case.

Linden calls District Attorney Christina Niilsen, insisting that they meet to discuss Richmond. Meanwhile, Benjamin Abani, Mayor Adams' campaign director, runs into Jamie at the gym and the two end up in a fist fight.

Linden visits Richmond and tells him she knows that he proposed to his wife on Oct. 5. She says she also talked to a fisherman who pulled Richmond out of the water on the night of Rosie's murder. Richmond threatens to sue if the story gets out. "Do you have any idea what a suicide attempt does to a political campaign?" Richmond says.

Linden tells Niilsen she has a witness who was with Richmond the night of the murder. Niilsen agrees to drop charges against Richmond and reopen the case.

Mayor Adams chastises Benjamin for fighting with Jamie. Meanwhile, Stan visits the police station to demand protection again — to no avail.

Holder tells Gil that he gave Stu a decoy backpack and wonders why Oakes lied about the forensic results. Gil tells him to stop speculating. He adds that the dummy photo was requisitioned with Linden's badge number, so any blame would fall on her.

At the station, Linden goes to Oakes' office where she finds Lt. Erik Carlson. Carlson says Oakes took an early retirement — "a slap on the wrist for overseeing her sloppy police work." Carlson gives her another shot at the Larsen case, upon Niilsen's insistence. Linden demands to work alone but Carlson orders her to work with Holder.

At the hospital, Richmond tells Jamie that his doctor told him about the paralysis. Jaime tells Richmond that charges against him have been dropped.

Stan arrives home just in time to see a stranger walk up to his son Tommy in their driveway. While roughing him up, Stan learns that the man's a reporter. The reporter asks how Stan feels about the charges being dropped against Richmond. Stan looks surprised.

At Linden's motel room, Holder bangs on the door. "I can explain," he says but she doesn't respond. He tries to wait her out by sitting in the hallway with his badge in hand but eventually walks away.

At a restaurant, Stan sits across from Janek who he asks to find Rosie's murderer then kill him.

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