Jamie Wright is Darren Richmond's campaign manager. Jamie is focused on the political battle 24/7 and lives to work rather than works to live. He's a master strategist, extremely loyal and ambitious, valuable and deepgly opinionated asset to Darren's campaign.

When the murder of Rosie Larsen is tied to the campaign Jamie is willing to expose this as a way for Darren to get more votes.

Jamie was at the casino on October 5th he found Rosie on the 10th floor where he was having a private meeting with Nicole Jackson and Michael Ames. He panicked and hit Rosie unconsciousness took her to the car and drove off the island as he thought she was dead. When he stopped at a remote gas station to fill up on gas Rosie surprised him, she got out of the car and ran into the woods. He hunted her down in the woods and when he found her he beat her unconscious for the second time, tied her up and put her in the back of his car.

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