Gwen Eaton
Gwen Eaton
Gwen Eaton
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Gwen was born and grew up as the daughter of a senator. Presumably, this played a part in getting her involved with politics and eventually becoming a campaign advisor. Darren Richmond selected her and the two worked together for many months. Eventually the two entered into a secret relationship and have continued to see other ever since.

Season 1Edit

Gwen, along with her partner advisor, feverishly attempt to boost Richmond's campaign and get rid of the competition. An obstacle is put in their way however when he faces possible accusations against a murder of a teen girl.

Her feelings for him, along with the general harmless perception she's always had of him, lead her to believe he may be the victim of an unfolding set-up. Thus, Gwen helps Richmond try to push through the storm and still maintain a steady balance.

Her professional relationship with him becomes strained after she learns that he had her emails searched as part of his effort to determine who was leaking campaign secrets. Later, suspecting that Richmond is lying to her about his fidelity, Gwen admits to Sarah that she provided a false alibi for him and turns over a DVD proving that Richmond met Rosie before she died.