"Donnie or Marie"
Season 2, Episode 12
Air date June 10, 2012
Written by Aaron Zelman
Wendy Riss
Directed by Keith Gordon
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"What I Know"

"Donnie or Marie" is the twelfth episode of Season 2 of The Killing.


Open with news reports of Richmond's stunning admission. Linden and Holder see Jamie and Gwen on TV and decide those are the only two with enough power to broker a deal between the Indian and Ames. They walk out just as police begin to surround the building. The two of them go to Mayor Adams' office, threatening to bring her knowledge of the doctored photo to Seattle Times unless he lets them go.

Linden tells Adams they know the Richmond campaign was the first to play dirty and they know Adams wasn't involved in Rosie's death. In exchange for him calling off their arrest and getting Carlson off their backs, they'll purse their lead in the Richmond campaign and drop the photo.

Mitch is home. She apologizes to Stan. The boys come home and Tommy doesn't want to embrace his mother.

Linden is still on suspension until her hearing. She and Holder talk about Gwen not having an alibi, but Holder doesn't think she could have stalked Rosie. Linden points out that the way Rosie was killed was very passive, common of female murderers. Jamie's alibi is the grandfather he lives with. The night of Rosie's death Jamie was let in by a security guard because he didn't have his key card.

The early polls "aren't great," Gwen tells Richmond.

Jamie's alibi of being home seems to hold up.

Linden meets with the man in charge of the campaign keycards. He says the Monday after Rosie's murder the list of keycard IDs was deleted from his hard drive. He says Gwen came to him for a replacement card.

Linden and Holder stop by the casino to pick up the surveillance camera footage. They notice Drays' hand and Holder figures out that she and Jackson are probably romantically involved. Linden notices a photo of the casino's grand opening with both Gwen and her father present for the ribbon-cutting.

Councilwoman Yitanes tells Linden and Holder Gwen cancelled a meeting with her that night. She thinks Gwen uses sex to control her candidates. She also says Sally Ames is the one in control of the company involved with the waterfront project.

After voting Richmond tells the press he's done the best he can, trusting his campaign to the best people he can. Adams' whispers that his speech the night before was the last of his career.

Gwen helps Richmond duck out the back away from the media to wait for a car. She tells him "I tried so hard for you. We came so far."

Terry makes reference to the new house, which Mitch is obviously clueless about. She says she found out by accident and Mitch should ask Stan about it. Terry hints about her being gone and Mitch says she doesn't know what it's like. Terry says point-blank that "you walked out."

Only one of Ames' five companies, Nereus Capital Properties, doesn't have Sally's name on it. They wonder if this means he was planning on leaving Sally for Terry. Nereus' ability to bid on government contracts was expediting because of an email from Jamie.

Linden and Holder ask Jamie about Nereus. They wonder why he was helping one of Richmond's enemies. Jamie said he was trying to get Richmond a new ally, and admits that he did it without his boss' knowledge. He pulls out his keycard when asked by Holder, but looks concerned after they leave.

Linden wonders whether Gwen and Jamie could have been in on it together.

Stan hears about Janek's murder, and hears that exit polls indicate the race for mayor is up in the air. Mitch asks him about the house and she says she should have trusted him when their money was gone. He wonders whether they could still move there, but Mitch says she doesn't want to leave their old house. He doesn't think they'll be able to move on as long as they're there. He points out she walked out just on the boys hen they needed her. She implies that he could stay because she was Rosie's mother. Stan is furious she would suggest he didn't love Rosie as much.

Linden and Holder go the yacht club to meet Gwen at a campaign stop. They learn via the valet attendant that Gwen was driving the car Rosie's body was found in that night. They ask Gwen about her whereabouts that night, she fibs about the car she was driving then gets very defensive.

Mitch puts the boys to bed and things appear to be returning to normal.

As of 9pm Adams holds a very slim lead. It's anybody's ballgame. Richmond gets a phone call. He says "Who is this?" then turns to look at Gwen and Jamie. He says "What do you want?"

Linden notices that in the ribbon-cutting picture the woman standing next to Jackson has a hand injury.

Linden and Holder talk to Drays about the woman from the picture. She's the former head of security and is now doing time because Jackson sold her. They try to emphasize that eventually Jackson will do the same to her. They think Drays is holding onto surveillance discs to prove that Jackson was involved.

Richmond is dropped off someplace.

Linden and Holder look at the footage. They see the campaign car, then see Rosie getting into the elevator and get off on the tenth floor at 1am.

We see that Richmond is meeting with Jamie's father, the one he's been referencing in speeches.

Jackson gets into the elevator. A few minutes later Ames gets in. A few minutes later Jamie gets in wearing a hooded sweatshirt and glares at the camera.

Jamie arrives at his father's house. He sees Richmond, who says "Why did you lie to me, Jamie?"

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