Darren Richmond
Darren Richmond
Darren Richmond
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Richmond was involved in politics for years and at some point joined the Seattle City Council where he was eventually promoted to President. He's well respected by staff and citizens alike, which gives him leverage with his desire to climb up the ladder and become Mayor of the city . He selected two campaign advisors, one of which, a woman named Gwen, he's had a secret relationship with (yet he struggles to fully accept the nature of it due to the fact that he still longs for his wife who died years ago).

Season 1Edit

Richmond becomes tied to the Rosie Larsen case after one of his campaign's cars is pulled from a lake and the teenager's dead body is found in the trunk. This finding hits the media and hurts his campaign.

Richmond finds that there is a leak in his office and he believes it is either Jamie or Gwen. He hires an investigator to check both of their emails and the investigator finds that Jamie leaked information to the media.

Richmond doesn't actually believe that Jamie is the leak, but fires him so that he can plant him in the other mayor's campaign to find the real leak.

He becomes a prime suspect after a high-end escort indicates to detective Stephen Holder that Richmond, using the name "Orpheus," is one of her clients and that he once proposed a morbid drowning scenario.

Sarah Linden becomes convinced of Richmond's guilt after emails sent to the address used by Orpheus to register with the escort service are delivered to Richmond's computer, and later convinces Lieutenant Oakes of his guilt when Holder produces a photograph that depicts Richmond in the campaign car on the night Rosie was killed.

Sarah arrests the councilman, only to later learn that Holder's photo is a fake. Meanwhile, Holder slips into a car and tells its driver, "Photo worked. He's going down."

The FactsEdit


None revealed thus far.

Alibi to PoliceEdit

He was out of town all weekend with campaign work.

True WhereaboutsEdit

Richmond has a habit of disappearing without explanation.

  • Qwen & Jamie ask where he was - he lies to them. (Pilot)
  • Has had 'unofficial' visits with at least one unnamed female staffer. (Pilot)
  • He tried to commit suicide (S02E11 Bulldog)

Evidence Against HimEdit

  • Rosie Larsen's body was discovered in a Richmond Campaign Car
  • E-mails to Orpheus are sent/redirected to his account. Orpheus is the pseudonym for a man who solicits from Beau Soleil and who asked a prostitute whether she's ever wondered what it's like to drown (the way in which Rosie Larsen died). The prostitute also indicates to Stephen Holder that Richmond is Orpheus.