Bennet Ahmed Edit

Bennet Ahmed is a teacher at Fort Washington High School. 28 years old with a retro-hip look, Bennet describes Rosie to Mitch as the kind of student that made him get into teaching, "so smart and eager to learn." But the nature of Bennet's connection to Rosie becomes murky when Holder learns that Rosie secretly visited an after-school hoops program where Bennet coached, and even more so after Sarah discovers a cache of letters he wrote to Rosie and which were hidden inside a globe in Rosie's bedroom.

The detectives' suspicions intensify when they learn that Bennet's wife, Amber, is also a former student of his. After Sarah finds plastic sheeting and ammonium hydroxide in Bennet's apartment (ostensibly to be used to refinish his floors), Holder wants to have the teacher arrested, but Sarah says they must first place Rosie in his apartment. In the meantime, Sarah has Rosie's body tested for traces of ammonium hydroxide -- and the results come back positive.

After Mayor Adams reveals in a debate with Darren Richmond that Bennet is a suspect in Rosie's murder, Principal Meyers instructs him not to return to the high school until cleared. The same day, Holder pulls strings to have a wiretap placed on Bennet's phone. Bennet makes a call that evening, mostly in Somali, in which he shifts to English and says that some passports will arrive the next day and "then this will all be over." Sarah and Holder assume that Bennet's conversation refers to Rosie, but in fact Bennet and Muhammed Hamid are helping a Somali girl flee the country before her parents can force her to undergo painful female circumcision and enter into an arranged marriage. After Sarah fails to arrest Bennet, Mitch, who is convinced that Bennet killed Rosie, influences Stan to administer justice himself. Accompanied by Belko Royce, Stan drives Bennet to a secluded location and beats him severely, landing Bennet in the hospital where he is in critical condition.

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